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Universal Comedy Network is radio's newest comedy prep service. UCN produces the highest quality, most topical, short-form audio comedy in the business. We offer original content such as song parodies, fake commercials, show opens, character phoners, production elements, a remarkable Barack Obama voice, drop-ins, almanac bits, and more. UCN affiliates get an average of 5 brand new bits EACH AND EVERY DAY! Plus audio from the web, tons of clips from last night's biggest TV shows and pages of concise, laugh-out-loud-funny written material.

UCN was founded in 2013 by Joel Graham, former GM/Creative Director of American Comedy Network. Joel reassembled the same core creative team including producer/writer Mike Hand, voice talent extraordinaire Ed Kelly, and a small army of independent contributors.

Universal Comedy Network is syndicated exclusively through United Stations Radio Networks. UCN is market exclusive and available for barter or cash. If you'd like to learn more about the availability of UCN in your market, reach out to Adrienne Munos at 561-381-7598 or amunos@unitedstations.com.

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If you have any questions about UCN's content or to inquire about creative opportunities contact Joel Graham at ucnjoel@gmail.com.

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